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Turnagain Highway near Anchorage, Alaska photographed from a drone flying over the Turnaga

Anchorage Community
Pottery Studio

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Summer Camp

  • Campers explore the world of pottery through fun and creative clay projects and activities!

  • Weekly Sessions, AM & PM Options

  • June, July, and August

  • Located at the Turnagain Ceramics Studio

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Pottery Classes for Everyone


Clay in a Day Classes

2 Hours of pottery powered fun, perfect for everyone, including beginners! Give throwing on the wheel a try, or hand build a one of a kind project! 


Multi-Session Classes

Dive into the world of pottery over several class sessions and work with an experienced instructor to build your wheel throwing, hand building, and other pottery skills! 

Studio Memberships

Looking for a welcoming, warm, fully equipped, and community oriented pottery where you can create to your heart's content? 

Look no further! 

Turnagain Ceramics offers Full Access Studio Memberships - sign up now! 

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