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Turnagain Ceramics Store

Turnagain Ceramics provides the Alaskan community convenient access to the tools, equipment, and materials from the top vendors in the world of pottery.

Come browse a selection of Xiem, Kemper, and Garrity tools, pick up a bag or two of Klamath Yellow, Porcelain, or Sea-Mix from Seattle Pottery Supply. Grab a bottle of Mayco Glaze, Stroke & Coat, or underglaze to liven up your pieces! 

Come shop the Turnagain Ceramics Pottery Supplies and Materials Store 10am - 6pm Monday - Sunday

Drop us a line at with any questions about the TC store, bulk orders, or anything on your mind! 

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Great Selection and Fair Prices

For the AK Pottery Community

Getting quality pottery tools, supplies, and materials quickly and locally can be tricky in Alaska. Our goal is to provide easy access to great brands like Kemper, Xiem, SPS, Mayco, and others. And at a Fair Price.

You'll find trimming tools, beginner tool sets, clay, sponges, loads and loads of ribs, slip trailing bottles, carving tools, fun pottery stickers and greeting cards, and more for sale at the TC Store! 

Email with any questions about the TC Store, bulk orders, or anything else you have on your mind! 

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